Sunday, March 21, 2010

It is coming again..wosh!

Assalamualaikum semua!

What it is all about?tett! (sindrom shakina la ni..haih!) Hehe...

Well guys, all of my friends, colleagues, adik-adiks (tetibe ade 's'), awek-aweks (tettt!), and those who knows me, I beg all of you to pray for my success in my final examination.

Mohon ampun dan maaf segala keterlanjuran kata dan perbuatan ye!

Really excited to finish up my second last final examination in IIUM! Can't wait! wosh! eheh.. (Study bersepah jugak..tettt!)

After that, will be starting my practical training at Global Service Centre, Sime Darby. Need to figure out the fastest route to get there, just in case I am late for work! ahah! Mama pun seems like very excited. It is just practical training ma. aiyooo... :-)

Ok, lets get through my final examination schedule:

29 March 2010
9.00 a.m: English for Academic Purpose

31 March 2010
9.00 a.m: Public Sector Accounting

1 April 2010
2.30 p.m: Accounting Theory and Policy

7 April 2010
9.00 a.m: Auditing and Assurance Service

2.30 p.m: Accounting for Islamic Banks

Praise to Allah that my exam schedule not as pack as my last semester. Yet, I have two papers on the 7th, but I believe that I have much time to revise, unless I sleep jek all the time! Itu sindrom utama ye kalo nak dekat exam. huhu...

Hurm, till then. Dont forget to pray for me occay!

Lets get started! Ayowh!


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Anonymous said...

gud luck..slow..slow..hehe..