Saturday, April 10, 2010

Help me please!

Assalamualaikum to all, may always be in Allah's love. InsyaAllah.

Hurm, just want to share something and I might need suggestions or advice from you guys. [ade ke pembaca blog aku ni, huhu]

Ok, since I will be starting my practical training at Sime Darby this coming Monday, I went for surveyed the route that I will be using to reach there-Wisma Sime Darby, Jln Sultan Ismail.

Here comes my observation:

If I choose to go by LRT Putra and Star Lrt:
Cost: RM 5.80 X 2 ways = RM 11.60 per day
Excluded foods and what not. Wow!
Time: I have to be at the LRT as early as 7.15 a.m to make sure that I wont be late for work. Hurm. It tooks me about an hour to reach Sime Darby, and I have to be there sharp at 8.30 a.m.
[keadaan dalam LRT sangat2 la tidak selesa ye! packed like sardines! huhu]

And if I choose to take a bus from UIA Gombak:
Cost: RM 2.50 X 2 ways = RM 5.00 per day (cheaper than taking LRT by half!)
I will be reaching exactly in front of Wisma Sime Darby, but I dont know how long it will takes me to reach there. It might be one hour or more. There is uncertainty though. The earliest bus entering UIA would be at 7 a.m. Wosh! How if the bus is late? Traffic jammed and what not? Scary wo! hohoho... adeh!


One more thing, I am thinking of staying at home (Taman Keramat) or UIA during the practical training, which is 15 to 20 minutes far from my house. Hurm. [considering that I need to attend clubs meetings and what not during nite time, at UIA]

If I choose to stay at home, I have to take LRT for work and if I have a meeting at UIA, I might have to get back home and drive car to UIA. Or else, I will go straight to UIA by LRT, then after the meeting, getting back to it and reach home! How hectic it would be? What if the meeting finished late? Hurm...

Help me please. I want to choose the fastest route and yet the cheapest one and put me at an ease condition. :-)

Thanks guys!


it'sMe said...

rasenyer better stay at uia.seems awak ni sgt busy orgnye..
pasal bus yg maybe akn smpi lmbat tu.xpe.tawakal byak2 may Allah always help u ..
good luck 4 yor practical!!
p/s:sory yea kalu xmembantu..

Anonymous said...

get a motorcycle... very convenient... it's a win2 situation..

Raihan Farhanah said...

Salam.. Dah dapat solusi nya? BTW nak share experience.. Waktu akak praktikal di sebuah Jabatan Kerajaan bersebelahan KLCC dulu, akak tinggal di Sri Damansara. Guess what? Akak kena naik motor seawal 6.00am untuk ke Stesen Komuter Kepong, and then naik komuter, pergi ke KL Sentral dan naik LRT, pergi stesen KLCC =P Nasib baik 2 bulan lebih je. Tu pun komuter amatlah suka datang lambat and 3 tymes punch card merah. Ahaha~ Praktikal memang best, seb baik bos sporting walaupun ayat suka pedas-pedas =P

Selamat berpractical training ya!