Monday, March 30, 2009

Pray for my success. Thank you!

Assalamualaikum wrt. wbt.

To all my fellow frens, I would like to ask ur kindness du'a for my success in Final Examination. Hope that I will do my best and grab a good result for this semester. And as follow, I listing out my examination schedule. And to all IIUM students, wish you all, best of luck, and may Allah gives all the blessing towards us. Chaiyok! Chaiyok!

5th April 2009 (2.30 pm)
Decision Making Control

6th April 2009 (2.30 pm)
Auditing Fundamentals

7th April 2009 (2.30 pm)
Company Law

9th April 2009 (2.30 pm)
Decision Science

14th April 2009 (2.30 pm)
Malaysian Taxation

15th April 2009 (2.30 pm)
Advanced Accounting


*My blog might not be udated for a while till I am done with all the papers. But I would say, it depends..ahahah..

Nota kaki:
Semoga segalanya berjalan dengan baik-baik sahaja.

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a.m.i.r.a.h said...

salam .....
gooooooodd luck !!!!
hope u'll get flying colours n score all ur paper ...
i will always pray 4 u n don't forget to pray 4 me 2 ....
" ya ALLAH kau permudahkanlah abangku ini salam segala urusan "