Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1st update on MIYD

Assalamualaikum all!

Ok..First update:

-We left KLIA in about 4.30pm, after waiting about two hours for the Nigerian participants to arrive..

-We went to LCCT to fetch a participant from Vietnam, and we left for Malacca. We stop by Negeri Sembilan rest area to have some refreshments, after that we go straight away to Malacca.

-Arrived at Puteri Resort at 7.00 o'clock, settled down all the registration stuff, get the room key, perform prayer and dinner.

-after dinner, have some sort of briefing. Just to update about what gonna be happen tomorrow.

-tomorrow we will be having some series of lecture regarding he theme of the dialogue which is "Gender Equality"

-I am so eager to start the dialogue, so do the other participants. We have been networking around and met various people, Muslim and non-Muslim, came from different country. (this programme is targeting the participants from about 70 countries all over the world.)

-Hope this dialogue will be a beneficial one.

-Got to have enough rest for tomorrow's event. See ya!

Terrible look of me. Gosh!

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he he he.

jst found ur blog address men.

hmm looks lyk ur a serious blogger ah. got to start my own one nw. well put up sum more pics men. and tell them(ur readers) on wat v did aftr da MIYD and stuff!!