Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nak post ape ye?

I wanna post something on my blog. But I am so lazy to think and to type it. Ahaha.. What a lazy man I am.

Hurm.. I have the idea what kind of posting that I want it to be here in my blog. Tapi, later la ek....

I am in MRC's meeting room right now. Surfing the internet (the ultimate purpose I come here is to study), since I came back from the library about one and half hour ago. Ahaha. Wasting time again and left the book behind. The Advanced Accounting book just in front me. But, I would rather on9 than open that book.

What the heck! Laptop and connection to the internet can be a big threat for students like me. I can easily spend the whole day in front of my laptop, surfing internet. OMG!

Guess I have to start study now...

Till we meet again...

Ahaha..What kind of posting is this?

Sorry guys! I'm out of idea, what else that I can do with internet.... Oh, come on... wasting time lagi... adoiyai!

Ok..kali ni bebetul nye...

Bye! Out!

Jap2, pengajaran dari posting ni tak bagitau lagi...Hehehe...

Hurm, lesson form this posting is, when u have time, dont waste it ok! Simple!

Huhu..But, what am I doing right now? Isnt that i'm wasting my time...ahaha..takleh pakai!


*somebody's name came across my mind, who use to be the closest buddy to me. who gives me the above food for thought.. where are u now??

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